How We’ll Market Your Home

Cutting edge Technology

We use cutting edge technology to maximize our customer service experience – not to hide behind it. We believe in the elegant application and use of technology to lead the industry. Like it or not, the internet and mobile technology are here to stay – we work to harness the power of these tools without losing the personal touch. Extensive internet exposure for your home is increasingly important in today’s interconnected world.

Internet Strategy

We have invested significant time and resources to maximize your homes “web presence”. This internet strategy includes, obviously, the Multiple Listing Service as well as our Custom Mobile Enabled Website which allows clients to search the latest listings in several formats – map based searches, mobile applications, etc. In addition, we have pursued a search engine optimized format and we provide syndicated feeds to dozens of the top real estate websites for maximum national and international exposure for your home. In addition, we use innovative approaches utilizing email and direct peer to peer marketing to maximize local contacts among the most active agents in our market.

Non-traditional Marketing Strategies

Next, we believe in and utilize a host of non-traditional marketing strategies to make us stand out from the field. We do not really delineate these strategies on our website but would be happy to discuss them with you personally.
We hired the best marketing and brand building company there is and empowered them to assist us in developing professional branding.

HDR Photography and Video Tours

From signage and letterhead, to business cards and flyers for your home, we want our marketing materials to stand out above the rest. To that end we utilize high definition (HDR) photography and video tours to promote your home. Again , the goal is to maximize your net return by putting your home’s best foot forward. Our high end marketing materials help us to do just that. Our mantra is – if it is not quality, we do not want our name on it.

An Evolved Approach

In the traditional marketing arena we are seeing seismic shifts as newspapers, once at the apex of our industry, have lost their readership and indeed their competitive edge. We believe that there are more effective advertising methods beginning to evolve. Internet marketing, direct mail, peer to peer, as well as our “non-traditional” marketing strategies have consistently demonstrated a more effective return for our clients.

So what makes our Associates stand out?

Well, we believe in Education for one. Our Associates have college and advanced degrees. In addition, we emphasize a relentless commitment to ongoing continuing education . GRI is more than just an acronym. It is a professional designation (like an accountant gets a CPA designation) it designates one who has completed a body of coursework demonstrating core competencies in all areas of the profession (Investment properties, taxation, buyer representation, etc.)

At realblue we aim to cultivate, train, and retain the highest caliber Associates in the industry. Period. We think it matters.

We Know You Have Choices

We know you have a choice for representation in the sale of your home. We believe you should interview other agents and firms and explore your options. We would love the opportunity to discuss our experience and professionalism in order to demonstrate that we are worthy of your trust.

We Look Forward to the Opportunity

We look forward to meeting you! Our office is located in the Village of Carlsbad and our direct line is 760-890-1100.